Insta Pro 2 APK Download Latest Version v10.45 [2024]

Insta Pro 2 is the latest APK that is the modified version of the Instagram app. With its new and advanced features and customization options, it brings a whole new experience to its users. It brings functionality that is not yet explored in the regular Instagram app. So if you are looking to enhance your Instagram experience or looking for something new, InstaPro 2 APK is the go-to choice for you.

You can customize your profile with unique features to make it more personal using the insta pro 2 apk. This app has all the popular features that everyone wants. Insta pro 2 is a freshly emerging app with top-ranked modifications.

This app is mainly expanded for ease of users and user-friendly experience. This is an all-in-one management platform with multiple options that help users create the latest content and engage their audience more powerfully, providing more analytics.

If you want to make more wonders for your following or scrolling Instagram, insta pro 2 is the best option. 

NameInstaPro 2 APK
Size55.54 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Required5.0 +

What is Instagram Pro 2?

Instagram Pro 2 is gaining more popularity and is worth more day by day than Instagram. People are gaining more interest in using Insta Pro 2. This pro version is primarily targeted for all Android devices. You will find a variety of functions and features while using the app or creating content on the app.

You can stay tuned worldwide, make international contacts, and chat or video call with them. You can use it in an ad-free environment. The app greatly focuses on privacy concerns and provides astounding options for your facility.

This advanced version is completely stable and provides a friendly environment with customizable and smooth operations. And to your great surprise, all these pro features are completely free.

Lets Discover More About Insta Pro 2 APK

You can download your favorite content directly to your galleries or save it on the Instagram apk as well. Most of the official platforms and versions of social media apps did not update their functions and features with time or update them after long time. Those apps do not provide users with the needed features. For example, official Instagram does not allow you to download content or customize it according to your choice. You cannot make privacy and security settings, and your chats always pose security risks.

 But with the perennial advancement of apps, new versions of apps are replacing the previous ones. The new version provides innumerable facilities that allow users to avail of all the premium features and facilities for free. 

You can upload treasured content on Insta Pro 2 with key options and incredible features. You can upload and download stories, reels, and photos in HD quality, lock the app, and view audience analytics on the app. You can create your own stories using Insta Pro 2 story graphics and music and enjoy high-quality content.

Insta Pro 2 APK Features

Insta pro 2 has unique features like download buttons, custom options, and lock features, all with remarkable functions that every user needs in an insta pro 2 mod apk. There is a list of gesture features for performing multiple tasks in the following:


Built-in app lock

You can create either direct app lock or on chats separately simply by setting the pin code. The app developers are struggling hard to provide 100% privacy facilities to their users. With multiple privacy options on the app, including setting thumb codes on the latest versions of Android smartphones, you can keep your mobile device more private.

Translate languages 

You can translate different languages and easily understand things by simply selecting the translate options. This will help you understand comments, posts, and others’ opinions about emerging trends. You can also chat with your international friends with this option.


You can take advantage of your personally blue-eyed content in the browser as well. Insta pro 2 is available in both app form and website form. There is no difference between the app or website functions.

Ad free

You do not need to bear more ads while scrolling through Instagram. This mod apk supports an ad-free environment. The app provides users with a discreet platform free from ads. You can enjoy your feed without any disturbance.

Multiple accounts 

You can add more than one account to a single account on a single device on this Pro 2 version simultaneously. You can merely switch accounts from personal to professional and vice versa when you need to. This feature does not require every switch to log out or in.

Hide active status

Your privacy and security is the top priority for the app. You can make your status completely private and all communications with your friends private with app privacy settings.

Audience analytics 

You can list your audience, following track, and content view rate. You can send the follow request, message your contacts, and react to your post comments. You can even create an automatic response with this apk app.

Customisation Options 

Instagram pro 2 has unique editing features to edit the account profile. You can customize the profile by choosing different font styles, dark or light mode colors, and themes. You can change your chat box style with this feature.

Download videos 

The apk enables you to download videos, reels, and photos, which you were unable to do on the official Instagram. You can share or upload content easily. This apk app is mainly designed for Android devices. 


You can block all clingy, spam, or no longer needed contacts on insta 2, you may experience this by receiving an unknown contact. You can create the best option for privacy so only your contacts can message you.

How To Download Instagram Pro 2

You can easily get Instagram mod for use. Here is a genuine step-by-step guide to download the following:

  • Visit the official Insta Pro 2 website from the Google Play Store 
  • You will find a Download button on the website, and you can download it without any interruption.
  • After the download is complete, open the app and install it.
  • The app will install after a few minutes. 
  • Open the app and give the required access. 
  • You can enjoy all the pro features now.

Download InstaPro 2 APK


v10.45 || 63MB


How To Install InstaPro 2

After you’ve successfully downloaded the InstaPro 2 APK file. You can begin the installation process. Follow the steps given below in order.

Step 1: Before starting the installation, make sure you’ve enabled the “installation from unknown sources” on your mobile device. If not you can enable it, go to your device settings, finding the security tab, and enable the “Unknown sources” button

Step 2: Locate the downloaded Instagram Pro 2 file. You can find it in the download folder. If the file is not in the download folder you can see the downloaded location from the notification panel.

Step 3: Tap on the file, it will automatically start installing the APK on your drive. You can make sure the file is being installed in the notification panel.

Step 4: After some time you will receive a notification that your file is installed successfully. Click “done”.

Step 5: Your InstaPro 2 APK is ready to use.

Pros of Instagram Pro 2

  • Advanced security settings
  • Access quirky features
  • Message recovery feature
  • Built-in locks
  • Digital contact community
  • More ideas
  • Free pro features

Instagram Vs Insta Pro 2

FeaturesOfficial InstagramInsta Pro 2
Custom themesNoYes
Download ProcessNoYes
Organic ReachYesYes
Multiple AccountsNoYes

What’s New In Instagram Pro 2

The Insta Pro app has recently introduced its latest version in the form of insta pro 2 apk which has more features. The app is beautified with extra HD quality and functions at a fast speed to engage the audience. Moreover, the app developers are making regular updates to it to facilitate the audience. That’s the reason the app is emerging as a unique platform with the necessary facilities, and the users are choosing insta pro 2 more eagerly.

  • Bug fixed: Previous version of InstaPro 2 APK has some minor bugs that are fixed in the new patch. Enjoy a more reliable and seamless user experience.
  • Enhanced app performance: No more delay or lag in loading up. No more hangs for smoother performance.
  • Updated interface: New and better look of the app. More user-friendly interface, no more cluttering.
  • New editing tools: Bunch of new exciting editing tools to unlock the door to improved content creativity.

InstaPro 2 For iPhone

Unfortunately, you cannot use Instagram Pro 2 on your iPhone or iPad devices. It is because Apple company has strict rules about its security and it does not allow apps to run from outside sources. Maybe later there will be a way to run this app on iPhone. If their policy changes in the future, we will let you know.

Insta Pro For PC

Good news for pc users! You can use Instagram Pro 2 on your computer devices with the help of app players. One of the most notable app players is Bluestack. It will provide you access to run most types of Android apps smoothly without any issues. Besides Bluestacks, other alternate app players are MuMu player, Android Studio, and Ko player. Below is a simple and short guide to running Insta Pro 2 on app players:

Step 1: Download and install app players for example, Bluestacks.

Step 2: Download Instagram Pro 2’s file on your pc.

Step 3: Open the Bluestack app, and install the InstaPro 2 APK on it.

Step 4: Lon into your existing account or create a new account using Insta Pro 2 on your app player.

Step 5: The Insta Pro 2 is successfully installed and you are logged in to your account. Explore the vast world of social media.


For downloading and installation, you don’t have to log in anywhere. But in order to use Instagram Pro 2 you first have to create an account by logging in.

No, you don’t need to root your device to use InstaPro 2. But you have to enable “installation from unknown sources”

Yes, you can use all of the features of InstaPro 2 APK without having to pay for anything. From downloading to using the app, all the procedure is free.

Yes, you can definitely use both Instagram Pro 2 and Instagram at the same time on your Android device without causing any errors. Make sure the installation of both apps is not in the same folder and you will not face any problems.

You cannot directly update it in-app. You have to manually Download Instagram Pro 2 APK’s newer version from the website. Stay tuned to our website, we will let our audience know when the new version is released.


In conclusion, Insta Pro 2 provides a wide variety of unique features that are not available on the regular Instagram app. It is the better version of Instagram. Namely ad-free browsing, advanced analytical tools, more privacy options, and multiple accounts. You have numerous more options to choose from in terms of editing and effects. You can easily download any type of media. Download Insta Pro 2 APK  from our website free by following our guide. Please let us know in the comments if you enjoyed using that app. 

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