How To Download Instagram Reels Using Instapro APK

In the digital media age, Instagram is considered to be one of the most entertaining apps providing social platforms for many. The introduction of Instagram reels plays a big role in making it more famous than before. Many users prefer short-form videos instead of longer-duration ones. Short videos convey messages in a minimum amount of time, and this is the reason why people like it so much. You can enjoy these short videos in the form of Instagram reels.

How To Download Instagram Reels Using Instapro APK

But the major drawback of the official Instagram app is that it does not allow its user to download these reels. You can still save links to the reels and share them among other platforms. But this is inconvenient for users who want to download reels that they like so they can access them anywhere anytime, without the internet. In this article, we will discuss how you can download your favorite Instagram reels effortlessly using a modified version of Instagram.

About InstaPro APK

InstaPro APK is a modified version of the official Instagram app. It offers a wide variety of extra features and capabilities that are lacking in Instagram. One of them is downloading the reels. You can easily download any type of reel using InstaPro APK without hassle. Not only you can download reels but also stories, posts, live streams, and almost all types of media you wish to download. InstaPro APK makes sure you don’t have any type of problem that you normally face using Instagram’s official app. 

How to Download Reels Step-by-Step Guide

Due to InstaPro’s user-friendly interface, you will have full control of the app. It is also super easy to download reels using InstaPro APK.  Follow the simple guide below to download Instagram reels:

Step 1: Download And Install InstaPro APK

First of all, you need to download and install InstaPro APK on your device. Download an APK file from an authentic website to minimize the risk of getting malware on your device. After successful download tap on the file to start installation. You can also read the guide on how to download and install InstaPro APK.

Step 2: Log In To Your Account
After you’ve installed InstaPro APK, run the app and log in to your existing Instagram account by putting in an email and password or creating a new one if you are using Instagram for the first time.

Step 3: Find The Reel

Hop onto the reels you wish to download. You can find reels related to interest in your newsfeed or you can manually search for it.

Step 4: Find The Download Icon
After you’ve found the reel you wish to download, find the download icon button. This button is visible near the other options such as share or react options. The icon is typically represented as an arrow pointing downward. 

Step 5: Click On Download Icon

Click on the download icon and it will start the download immediately without restrictions. These reels are usually stored in the download folder. Or you can also find the download location by clicking on the notification about a successful download.


Some people find it frustrating to be unable to watch their favorite reels when they don’t have internet access when using the official Instagram app. They always have to open the same link again and load the reel again. Also, there is a chance that the owner has deleted the reel. This way you cannot rewatch the reel again.

However, by using InstaPro APK, you can easily solve the problem. You can download all sorts of reels with just a click of a button. Just remember to download InstaPro APK from viable sources.

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